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  1. The fastest and best manner for establishing small manufacturing is through a Manufacturing Village: a group of manufactures (satellites) around a single Central Services company. Central Services provides all the services distracting the producers from efficient production. These include accounting, computers and other technical services, web development, graphic services, insurance, group discounts with suppliers and shippers, etc.
  2. Having a Central Services constantly checking satellite companies gives about a 95% success rate. Careful choice of investors, entrepreneurs, and employees cannot be overstated.
  3. Better to reproduce manufacturing villages than one large national manufacturing village central services.
  4. highest productivity possible using today’s technology.
  5. A manufacturing structure geared for milleniuals where individuals contribute to the companies success
  6. A self-contained manufacturing center capable of being located in any community, not just those near metropolitan centers
  7. Small sized companies agile to better react to economic and social changes
  8. Automation for customized and price competitive high quality products
  9. Products intended to sell direct to customers
  10. Non-polluting industries
  11. Local investment, local production, and local profits 
  12. Continually profitable

More about Manufacturing Village

  1. Keeps the creative person close to the manufacturing process
  2. Manufacturing villages are well suited to smaller towns and cities capable of direct interest in the manufacturing village hubs.
  3. Manufacturing villages are friends to their communities.
  4. Well paid employment
  5. Most jobs are created by smaller businesses.
  6. Training ground for new employees to provide expertise to larger companies
  7. The best method of increasing American manufacturing? Manufacturing Villages where the many parts of products are manufactured and handled by close proximity production facilities and support services.
  8. For underlying philosophy about the recalibration of America enabling returning America to industrial greatness, please go to www.PlanUSA.com.  ManufacturingVillage.com covers the details of implementation.
  9. Old manufacturing towns are the great locations, especially if manufacturing predates the automobile so employees can and should live wiithin walking distance
  10. Empty retail malls are an excellent plant for several Manufacturing businesses.
  11. Most states and other government entities have money for industrial development which would indicate writing grants is a good idea. ManufacturingVillage.org is a non-profit organization for education, research data banks, and public opinion surveys
  12. Selling products leads manufacturing - seeing what is imported from China and other countries will provide market guidance to assured markets
  13. Continual updated modern manufacturing creates competitive products - so much good stuff is in the pipeline Venture capital individuals and funds need education of why and how investing in manufacturing makes good sense Here's the link: Investing success.
  14. Manufacturing creates real wealth - buying overseas is pure consumption: I didn't make that up, Adam Smith wrote that in the "Wealth of Nations"
  15. Manufacturing creates jobs that result in consumption sustaining a demand-side, capitalistic economy Manufacturing creates new millionaires (billionaires probably won't be made in the central services arena
  16. Manufacturing can make better use of the Wall Street population than fussing around with financial instruments Better quality Meeting the needs of local consumers

Richard Pearlman
Official Project Engineer