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Dear Woodworker,

 Wood Horizons Project: Creating new sales channels for woodworking companies capable of implementing, using, and profiting from small automated manufacturing. To America, I'd like people to see how advanced technology in wood working and production lines enables extremely high quality matched with competitive prices.

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A good project for a new generation? Or just something to do with all your costly equipment as the Corvid Panic ends in how many years?

If you are becoming aware of manufacturing potential, start small with Wood Horizons quickly learning enough to grow bigger. 

Being an engineer, I will create a repository of the latest technology and try to work closely with the equipment manufactures so you never fall behind.

Personally, for the past 20 years I have and still own a profitable eCommerce company with three of our own eCommerce websites, and a large presence on Amazon among other channels. (Click here to see CitySouvenirs.com) I can sell your products on-line direct to consumers.The issues would be: What products, what decoration can be added to the basic units, manufacturing with automation, and keeping shipping well within reason. Once enough products are in the supply-chain an eCommerce website, WoodHorizons.com, will be released to the world. 

Probably most of your business is custom. Wood Horizons is about hands-free manufacturing. If this is within your world, I would like to hear from you.

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For those who are not in the forefront of automation there is not much I can do for you today as my Manufacturing Villages Project requires automation as one of the basic foundation elements. You are already on ManufacturingVillage.com so please look around. Obviously lots more work to do.

Richard Pearlman

Note: I created this website, ManufacturingVillage.com and the WoodHorizons.com sub-site. You'll notice the Wood Horizons site is only 6 pages and doesn't use pull-down menus. The intent is to make data and information more easily accessible. I'll have lots of photos and discussion groups later on, but first we make money.

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