A Franchise Model for Central Services

Reason 1: Maintain quality and consistency 

Reason 2: Rapid reproduction of manufacturing villages  

Franchise is one of the most regulated words in the English language. The definition consists of various laws, mostly due to tryingnot to make the franchise model into a fraud and dirty-tricks model. Why go through all the hoops making Central Services a franchise? The franchiser has the power to dictate what the franchser can and cannot do, such as sell odd brand computers and inferior inks and supplies to their manufacturing villages. Central services defines what software can be used, data backups, communications, and so forth to the last little bit of plant maintenance.

A mainpoint of the manufacturing villages concept is the rapid building of small local manufacturing through out a country. The goal is to have 100 manufacturing villages within 10 years. Only a franchise can insure such growth. If you look at franchises like McDonald's you quickly notice 100's of new restuarants each year. Manufacturing vilages are more complicated than franchiose restaurants so I am keeping estimates on the low side. It may take a few years to setup all the technology assests to do the propogation and also each manufacturing village may produce an entirely different type of product and the technology to make the product.

How the central service model is financed isopen for discussion. Just assume once oneor two manufacturing villages are in working order, interest will come from every corner of our country.